Dark Blue Summer 适合 in Japan in 您 Only Live Twice



这周庆祝发行45周年。 您 Only Live Twice. In the film, 键 visits Japan wearing a suit in a lighter shade of blue than navy that is ideal for summer. In certain scenes, this suit has quite a shine and suggests a mohair/wool blend. Mohair and high twist wool are two of the best-performing suitings for warm weather because they breathe well and are great at resisting wrinkles.

这是安东尼·辛克莱尔(Anthony Sinclair)独特的西装,单按钮正面,在1960年代很流行。尽管一套西装的按钮过时了,’这是Savile Row裁缝Huntsman闻名的传统风格。与带有两个纽扣的西服相比,带有一个纽扣的西服看上去更具时髦感,但是唯一的区别在于,带有一个纽扣的西服的前身可以在腰部以下切开。稍微开放的前门给Connery’西服的外套比他的普通纽扣有更动感的线条,两外套都有,但是’只是微妙的区别。除了在保守的工作环境中外,一键式套装是一种时尚且易于穿着的替代品,无所不在。



键 wears the suit with a light blue poplin shirt from 特恩布尔& Asser that has a spread collar, front placket and two-button cocktail cuffs. For a touch of Fleming, 键 wears a knitted silk tie in a four-in-hand knot, but in navy rather than Fleming’黑色。海军领带比海军领带更适合搭配海军服。这是Connery唯一一次在外面系领带的人 金手指.

键’鞋子是黑色粒面皮革,脚趾平跟套鞋,可能在舌头脚背的四分之一处有弹性。粒面皮革不是’t often seen in black since its rustic look is better suited with brown and burgundy country shoes. 键 brings along a navy felt trilby, which must surely be too warm to wear in what appears to be warm weather in Japan based 上 other clothes in the film. But he brings along the trilby to keep up the look of a British businessman.




  1. 大西装。我一直很期待这个。与电影中较早的灰色相比,它的合体性似乎有了很大的提高。大概是上一次1960年代中期至中期的经典Sinclair / Young / Connery造型出现在屏幕上。


  2. 基督教,

    Couldn’t ‘t agree more with your analysis. The other suit Connery wears in this film never looked as if it fitted well. The points about true tailoring for the modern 键 is also spot 上 . Too bling. Particularly given that purists are never tired mentioning faithfulness to the source Fleming material (although I believe this is a spurious argument and the movies as they developed are a different beast).


    Would the hat not be ok given that 键 is in a country that prides itself 上 it’s formality of occasion and that in 1967 hats of this nature were common currency and remained so as long as men dressed like gentlemen (i.e. up to sometime in the 1980’s)?

  3. 与Connery / Sinclair一样,这是超越潮流的经典外观。历久弥新,衣着考究,却不脱颖而出。我喜欢它。


  4. 什么’对我来说有趣的是,这实际上是一键式西装,我认为该按钮可能比Connery低’正常(已经很低)的按钮姿势。“Style advisor”类型通常暗示一键式休闲服是大胆的,“fashion statement”选择,但事实是,像这样的西装,大多数人都不穿’t even notice.

    • 您’re right! It’s 上 ly a bold 时尚宣言 if the cut is bold to go with it. Sinclair’西服仍然有非常传统的剪裁。纽扣式西装在60年代也很受欢迎,因此人们不会’反正还没有考虑太多。



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