In 1984, Roger 摩尔 starred in a film called 裸脸, boasting a supporting cast of great actors such as Rod Steiger, Elliott Gould, Art Carney and David Hedison. 摩尔 plays a psychiatrist named Dr. Judd Stevens, and he was dressed to look the part. The most obvious item that sets Dr. Stevens stevens apart from Bond is his glasses, though the jumper under the sports coat look is different too.

这篇文章将重点介绍影片中摩尔穿着的第一件运动外套,即浅蓝色和米色大麦花呢两纽扣款式。它’可能不是摩尔定做的’的裁缝道格拉斯·海沃德(Douglas Hayward),但仍然很合适。按钮的姿势是’t as low as Hayward’s和肩膀有一点填充,而Hayward’没有。肩膀狭窄,整体剪裁干净。它有拍打的口袋,4个按钮的袖口,浅棕色的皮革肘部贴片和浅棕色的牛角扣。唯一优惠到80’s时尚是无排气孔的后部,在运动外套上不合适。

摩尔’s jumper and shirt draw colours from the sports coat. The light blue jumper has a v-neck collar and long sleeves. The ecru shirt is made by 摩尔’s usual shirtmaker, Frank Foster. It has a button-down collar and rounded 1-button cuffs that 摩尔 was often wearing at the time. It has Foster’s placket front with his unique narrow stitching down the centre. As opposed to his usual flat front trousers, 摩尔 wears dark grey trousers with forward pleats and plain bottoms. His socks are light grey and his shoes are brown slip-ons.


  1. 马特
    In the light of the previous post’s discussion of 摩尔’s suits and this sports coat from another movie, you may be interested in a suit he wore in another (truly terrible) movie he starred in, about 1990, with his friend Michael Caine, called “Bullseye”.


    The credits of this movie attribute 摩尔’s suits to Aquascutum of London, however, there are two that I feel were Hayward’s by their cut and low button stance. The first is a double breasted charcoal chalkstripe in a similar cut to his double breasted Hayward suit from 章鱼 but the other, more interesting 上 e, is a grey 3 piece in a much lighter shade of grey than we ever saw him wear in any of his Bond 3 pieces. I think he wore it with a hairline blue striped shirt (Foster no doubt) and a “club” style tie.


  2. 服装对一个角色有多大不同的惊人表现。我从没看过这部电影,但是罗杰看起来和以前一样,都和精神病医生一样(当然也穿得很好)。虽然不是整体外观的个人爱好者,但夹克却既美观又永恒。

    这个博客的范围有些超出范围,但是我猜想罗杰在《杀戮观》之前做了一次改头换面。它没有’在我看来不对(如果他这样做,这将是一个糟糕的改头换面,因为它不应该让人看起来更老),但从正下方的《 A View to Kill》中看照片,Roger在那部电影中显得瘦了很多。’1984年的电影拍摄,这可能使他在AVTK中显得更加虚弱和年长。

  3. 我真的很喜欢这个样子’d如果夹克没有’t Hayward… the film’的董事布莱恩·福布斯(Bryan Forbes)也是海沃德(Hayward)的长期客户。

    在‘Bullseye’ point – I actually asked Michael Winner about this and he told me the 上 ly Aquascutum item 摩尔 wears is the raincoat towards the end… the rest was Hayward and Foster (shirts with cufflinks though) as usual. I am a big fan of that light grey 3 piece suit and also the POW 上 e 摩尔 wears in the film. I’我不确定您所指的俱乐部领带是附属于什么的,但奥利弗·里德(Oliver Reed)后来在另一部获奖影片中佩戴了它‘Parting Shots’

  4. 詹姆斯·圣约翰·史密斯,感谢您提供信息。老实说,如果这里的运动外套是海沃德,我会感到惊讶。我不知道’认为它没有任何迹象表明他的伤口光滑,对我来说似乎像个钉子。

    当衣服与人物相配时’re hardly an example of the best Roger 摩尔 has worn 上 screen. The v neck under the sports jacket look is a 上 e i like (in fact i am wearing a navy 上 e under a vintage tweed as i type this!) but it works better with sleeveless version and not a long sleeve 上 e like here.

  5. I like that look too and it is 上 e 摩尔 was wearing ‘off duty’ at the time –检查圣詹姆斯的网站’旅馆和俱乐部,为他和Connery提供了一幅绝佳的图画。

    I’我很确定电影中的麂皮绒布洛森也是海沃德—道格告诉我,他在《 只为您的眼睛》中制作了绿色。可悲的是他’不再解决这个问题。

  6. 我只是看着你指的图片,如果我’没记错,这是一件适合灯芯绒的西装。绝对是海沃德的剪裁和按钮位置。很难确定颜色’是一张黑白照片,但我’d怀疑是米色或浅棕色。看起来不错。



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