错是对: 肖恩·康纳利’美国海军外套



回到詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)角色的前一年 永不言败, 肖恩·康纳利 starred as reporter Patrick Hale in the 1982 film 错是对也称为 致命镜头的男人。包括罗伯特·康拉德(Robert Conrad),莱斯利·尼尔森(Leslie Nielsen),哈迪·克鲁格(HardyKrüger),罗恩·穆迪(Ron Moody)和许多其他伟大演员在内的出色配角出现在这个有时令人兴奋的政治讽刺中,这一讽刺今天与今天同样重要’就像1982年的世界一样。在整部电影中,Connery穿着American打扮成Connery穿着James Bond的服装,包括一件中灰西装,配一件白衬衫和一条深灰领带,一件木炭西装,配一件白衬衫和一件黑色衬衫。领带,一件棕色的枪支俱乐部格纹夹克,一件中灰色的裤子和一条黑色polo衫,以及一件海军外套,这也许是Connery中最像邦德的’s outfits in the 错是对.


肖恩·康纳利’海军西装外套是在‘updated American’ style that dominated American ready-to-wear that remained virtually unchanged for roughly thirty years from 1980 to 2010 and is still widely available. Developed in the 1960s, the 更新的美国人 style adds front darts and more shoulder padding to the boxier Ivy League style whilst removing its vestigial top third button that the lapels fold over. 合力’s blazer follows this style with a button two front in a medium button stance, straight shoulders with padding and the most subtly roped sleeve heads (natural sleeve heads are most common 上 更新的美国人 jackets), a lean chest, and a gently suppressed waist. The jacket has all of the classic details for an 更新的美国人-style blazer: swelled edges, flapped patch pockets 上 the hips, a welt breat pocket, a single vent and three buttons 上 each cuff. The blazer’的按钮是闪亮的黄铜。



Like with his blazers in the James Bond films, 合力 wears dark grey flannel trousers. The trousers follow the style of the time with a plain front and straight legs with plain hems, and they are worn with a belt.

合力’中等蓝色的半固态衬衫很可能是牛津。衬衫’s button-down collar has a lot of tie space and a gentle roll. The cuffs have a single button and rounded corners. The shirt likely has a breast pocket and centre box pleat in back since these details can be found 上 合力’电影中的其他衬衫,是美国纽扣衬衫的标准细节。


With the blazer, 合力 wears a navy crocheted silk tie with a chunkier texture than an ordinary knitted tie. It likely has straight ends. He ties it in a bulky Windsor knot, and the knot is too big for the collar even though the collar has plenty of tie space. 合力’鞋子是黑色系带鞋,可能是牛津鞋。


  1. I’ve never seen 错是对, I must get a copy. I like the blazer, a classic style. Also 合力’s hairpiece in the film looks a lot better then the 上 e he wore in 永不言败, he suits a bit of grey. Do you think the straight padded shoulders work for 合力 Matt ? and also will we be seeing more posts from this film ?

  2. Do you think 合力 chose dark grey trousers over medium grey trousers with his blazer because he thought they looked better 上 him or for the formality factor ?

  3. 当角色混合搭配物品时,我喜欢它’s more realistic. It’这就是我旅行时要做的事情。我正在获得《错误是对》的副本,并将对其进行查看。

  4. It’s a good look 上 the aging 合力. I think a normal knitted tie offers enough texture so I’m not sure I’d从未搭配过钩针编织的物品,但看上去也不错。我很喜欢这件夹克。

  5. 马球拉尔夫·劳伦(Polo Ralph Lauren)做着非常相似的西装外套,让我注视了一阵子。我更喜欢双重通风口,但我可以住一个通风口。

  6. Great outfit overall. The 上 ly let down being the lousy choice of shirt. This is where 合力’缺乏先天的裁缝显示。另一个演员可能建议穿另一件衬衫。在这种情况下,服装会’ve been excellent.

    • 对于美国人来说,穿西装外套穿牛津布是很常见的。特别是在那个时代,你我都不会’穿什么都比选择一件适当的,带有翻领的正式衬衫少,但是美国人通常穿少些带有西装外套的正式衬衫,无论是好是坏。

    • “This is where 合力’s lack of innate sartorial nous shows.”

      -Might it be conceivable that 合力 had no influence 上 the choice of shirt? There are wardrobe responsibles who do that – they don’不要问演员是否喜欢他们应该穿的衣服。

      坦率地说:我无法忍受“innate style” NONSENSE!

  7. 好吧,Matt,两件带有前襟和肩垫的纽扣外套是50年代中期的必备品。这是肯尼迪最喜欢的剪裁。
    有什么不同“从50年代的两个按钮更新美国外套? (一个通风口?)

    您已阅读我关于Anthony Sinclair的信息?

    • The 更新的美国人 cut started in the 1950s and became more popular in the 1960s. The typical 1950s American cut had a lot more shoulder padding and a more dramatic silhouette, still more like the old Hollywood suits.

      I’我不确定您要谈论的是关于Anthony Sinclair的消息。

  8. 我已经写信给你联系。
    好吧,我扫描了安东尼·辛克莱尔的照片’s suits of 50s.

  9. 马特西装外套’s length doesn’看那么久。看上去比1980年罗杰·摩尔穿着的开拓者更短’s from Hayward.

  10. True, it is hard to tell. 罗杰·摩尔 could have longer legs then 肖恩·康纳利 or vice versa. it is hard to judge. Plus 合力’开拓者很可能只是钉住钉子和整个摩尔’定制西装外套。

  11. 合力’s American blazer is similar to a blazer I have but mine has patch pockets. The shoulders are similar with the straight padding with gently roped sleeveheads. I had mine altered slightly with a bit more shape through the waist. I think 合力 looks better with less padding, but he has worn many jackets since Bond with padding. 合力 wears a navy cotton jacket in the film Just Cause which was a nice warm weather alternative.



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